Monday, 18 October 2010

What Mobile Phones

Finding the right mobile phones can be quite a big challenge to the less techy and non web and gadget savvy people amongst us.  For example there is a whole range of features and benefits that can boost a basic, simple and easy to use mobile phone into a technical piece of machinery that requires a manual to work!  With all the add ons like downloads, cameras, apps, mp3s, web enabled, bluetooth, wifi, dongles and more, there is a lot of choice and options.

On top of that there is the mobile phones network that you may choose to sign up to and the bundles you can have.  Free mins and text, 300 mins and unlimited texts, the list is massive.

So it is probably best to sit down for 5 minutes and start in reverse.  Rather than buying a mobile phones bundle that these mobile companies like Orange and O2 are offering you, think about what you need and use day to day. Then multiply that out over a 30 day period to get an idea of your monthly usage as this gives you a starting point for your mobile phones bundle.

Also consider what manufacturer offers the bundles that you require, do you want Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung or Sony Ericsson?  Each have similar handsets in competition with each other in order to win your mobile phones business.  If you are unsure, you can go to a website like and read a few reviews of the handsets before you buy, along with the bundles available from each network, and the free gifts, free minutes etc.  Choosing mobile phones can be fun!

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